Karla Katja Leisen _EN

*1973 in Cologne

Art has accompanied me my whole life. I have tried and found many ways, many materials and many possibilities to express a situation, a condition or a theme.

Visual art has been a part of my artistic expression for as long as I can remember. Dancing was added in my youth. I was very interested in architecture. Studying art as a teaching subject fed me for a while and was replaced by experiential education, workshop art and open theatre. Travelling through Europe and Latin America, Brazil inspired me a lot. This led to land art projects in Ireland, dance performances in Spain and theatre plays in several German cities and regions. Theatre education gave me the desire to work as an assistant director in the theatre. This resulted in commissions for district projects, theatre plays and performances as a director, set designer and lighting designer.

Training as a stage clown* broadened my horizons and allowed me to immerse myself in new worlds. From that moment on, I was no longer just in front of and behind the stage, but also on it. I quickly realised that I was more interested in the public space than the theatre stage. Since then, I have been travelling regularly as a character and love to pass on „The Art of the Clown*“.

Then came the sound. It opened up the whole universe to me, the physical occurrences of vibration, movement and sound, macrocosm and microcosm, energy.

Corona gave me art in pictures again* In winter 2020 / 2021 – It all started with movement, with dance. Then came painting. Breathing – a movement in space – a dance – a journey with the body and then it ends up on paper or canvas. What moves me. It has a lot to do with energy, which in the end is visible and tangible in the pictures. In between – between the worlds was the first exhibition in 2021. Drawings, paintings and installations.

Photomontages will be created in 2022 * Weltenwandel is the second exhibition.

For me, the art of Butoh dance is * Transforming into states, being able to be anything like a leaf in the wind, a tree, a stone or … It’s like life itself: something is born, comes to life and passes away. This is reflected in Butoh dance (a kind of dance theatre) and is often the starting point before an image is created.

Everything is in motion – For me, artistic processes always have to do with transformation, with drawing from myself, with further development – between snapshots and being in constant change.

It is the variety of possibilities to combine the arts with each other that appeals to me and makes everything come alive.

Making art with or for others means happiness in the moment for me.

I want to encourage people to follow their own dreams (and themselves).

A quote that accompanies me: „Think of the power that is in the universe – the power that moves the earth and makes the trees grow. The same power is in you, if only you have the courage – and the will to use it.“ Charlie Chaplin from Limelight

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