Cosmo Calexika_EN

COSMO CALEXIKA picks up on what is in the air

She is an artificial figure with aspects of a clown and an angel.

The angel appears in the streets, across the countryside, from place to place on an e-bike or on foot through a city. For some, she rolls out the red carpet and creates a welcoming atmosphere here and there…, tests the vibration on the spot in Wave and sometimes gives you a hug. She leaves her mark on you, seduces you for a moment into play, into a little dance or is simply there.

Whether the angel is just present, welcomes the guests or acts as a moderator. Appearing and disappearing at events lightens the mood, provides moments of happiness and can, incidentally and unrecognised, create a common thread.

A glance, a friendly smile – something for the heart.

Touching and absurd, charming and cheeky.

„The idea of riding through the villages as an angel was born while hiking in the Pyrenees in France in 2014. The image of an angel travelling across the countryside on an e-bike was so strong in my mind that I bought a very fast e-bike in 2015 to make this idea a reality. What I was able to experience and have experienced is indescribable: much more crazy, beautiful and special than I could ever have imagined or dreamed of. – The artificial figure creates irritation, and irritation creates movement.“

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